I would like to say that we were very pleased with your service and assistance throughout the process of securing our contracts with the various bus operators we used during our tour of the Rhone Alps this fall. Your work to secure the best bids for service was outstanding and we will hope to use your services in the future.

All three of the drivers and the coaches supplied to us for various segments of our tour were perfect, clean, on time and understanding of our needs. Our first driver, Mr. Rene, provided outstanding assistance with loading and unloading our clients luggage, and delivered our group to our first tour hotel on time and right to the front door. We would like to commend our second driver, Mr. Sati, for dropping us even closer to our destination in Chamonix than we had been promised. It made our whole visit to Chamonix easier and more enjoyable. And finally our last driver, Mr. Mohamed, was perfect! He followed our directions for organizing our groups luggage and dropoff locations to the letter, was helpful and solicitous with our clients, and made a special effort not to lose me as I followed him with our van through the tight streets and construction within Geneva as we dropped our clients at 4 different locations.

Once again, when we return to Europe for our future tours in the coming years we will hope to use your services. Excellent work!

Steve R.