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Britta Bengtsson

Sweden | Sept 24+25, 2021
Dear Arnaud, We had a very enjoyable time and both drivers were both helpful and pleasant. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing…

Natasha Farrugia

Malta | Sept 19 to 23, 2021
Hello Arnaud, I would like to thank you for the proficient drivers and for the service we were very pleased.

Hakan Nilsson

Sweden | September 13 to 18, 2021
The bus was very clean and convenient for my group. The both drivers acting very correct, was positive and always on time. There was No problem at…

Mary Capuano

USA | Sept 5+8, 2021
Everything went great!! Ludovic was great!! Very helpful, great driver, and very accommodating, we made one stop each way which was perfect. He go right…

Jay Levinson

USA | June 22, 2021
Arnaud, It was great! Coach was clean and nice. Driver had bottled waters and spoke some english which also worked out well. Thank You!

Elisa de Gruijter

The Netherlands | May 28+29, 2021
Hi Arnaud, Everything was perfect! The drivers were very kind and punctual, we arrived everywhere in time. So I’m very happy with your service :)…

Liz S.

UK | Feb 15+22, 2020
Thank you for your support from booking right through the return the office staff were very informative and the driver was great. We look forward…

Elysia T.

UK | Feb 15, 2020
Hi Arnaud, The whole arrangement ran very smoothly. We had a few French speakers in our group so we were able to ask the driver…

Rie H.

Japan | Feb 18 to 21, 2020
Hello Arnaud, We are now back in Japan. Mr Morgan, the bus driver, he was very quiet and nice gentleman. He was very helpful with…

Sharon M.

Israel | January 26, 2020
Dear Arnaud, The trip to the club med was excellent. Both the bus and the driver were top rate.

Kenny C.

Singapore | Dec 15, 2019
It’s excellent !!! Totally very satisfied and the driver is super friendly and helpful !!

Robert G.

Malta | Dec 14, 2019
Dear Arnaud/Coralie, My group is very satisfied and happy with the service you offered. Not only were all the details of the trip professionally arranged,…

Hayward E.

Spain | Sept 14 to 19, 2019
In summary I found the level and promptness of service and attention to detail from yourself and Coralie in the office second to none ;…

Nicole W.

UK | Oct 24, 2019
Hello Coralie and Arnaud, We were very happy indeed with the service Stephane provided. He arrive at the hotel early which allowed us to leave promptly…

Red H.

UK | Oct 14+22, 2019
Hi Arnaud, Big thank you to you and Coralie. Everything went perfectly. The buses turned up spot on time and we all got to the destinations swiftly.…

Cristina R.C.

Portugal | Oct 6, 2019
The service provided last Sunday went very well, and the driver was very professional, friendly and flexible to any extra requests. Everyone enjoyed the service.…

Steve S.

USA | Oct 8, 2019
Bonjour Coralie, Thank you for a fine trip today. Alain was terrific. Really good driver and flexible. And he came early! It was perfect and…

Stephanie T.

UK | Oct 4, 2019
Dear Arnaud, Thank you so much. The driver was excellent. He even drove through the very narrow gates to come right up to the chateau,…

John M.

Northern Ireland | Sept 6 to 9, 2019
On behalf of our association and myself can we express our thanks and appreciation to yourself and team for an excellent trip. The coach and…

Sabine A.

UK | Sept 18+21, 2019
Dear Arnaud, Both drivers were great. They were helpful, patient and punctual. They drove us safely to our destinations. Thank you!

Michael H.

Ireland | Sept 20+22, 2019
Hi Arnaud, Every this was great the driver was there to pick us up at the airport when we arrived . On the return journey…

Katrina V.

USA | Sept 18, 2019
Hi Arnaud, Our bus driver was very friendly and efficient. I would highly recommend him. Thank you for your services.

Steve R.

USA | Sept 7+16+20, 2019
I would like to say that we were very pleased with your service and assistance throughout the process of securing our contracts with the various…

Anna F.

England | Sept 18+19, 2019
Dear Arnaud, Thank you - all was perfect . Arie was charming and did a great job. I would certainly use you again.

Christine L.

UK | Sept 6, 2019
Thank you for making all the arrangements, including making the stressful last-minute time change easy for me. The driver was EXCEPTIONAL. He was very professional,…

Thomas G.

Germany | August 25, 2019
Dear Arnaud - service, bus and driver were all outstanding! Thank you. Do you actually offer service in other places?