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Bus rental in Bonifacio – Coach hire in Corsica, sightseeing, transfer

Charter a bus with driver in Bonifactio and in Corsica also. Hire a or a minibus for a shore excursion. The drivers are locals, they perfectly know the area, that’s very useful in Corsica !

Bus rental in Bonifacio in Corsica
Bonifacio, in the South of Corsica

Bonifacio might be the most impressive place of interest in Corsica : the village (citadel) of 3000 people is located at the top of a limestone cliff, but it’s not accessible by coach : you must walk or take the little train to get there. The buses drop you off at the coach park in Bonifacio and wait for you there. From Bonifacio, the main day trips visit Porto Vecchio, the pretty village of Cargese (rare Greek Orthodox church) and the quiet port of Propriano.

By ferry, you can go to Bonifacio from Italy (port of Santa Teresa Gallura). If you want to fly to Bonifacio, choose the airport of Figari, or the airport of Ajaccio which is a bit further. If you plan to visit entire Corsica, we advise you to stay in several places as distances in Corsica take long time to travel : there is no highway in Corsica. Most groups visiting Corsica stay in Ajaccio, in Bastia area, in Corte also in the centre of the island.

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Bonifacio sea port