Bus rental in Uzes

Here is the route of a school group who stayed a few days in Uzes. They landed in Marseille airport but took off from Carcassonne airport. They recently hired a coach from Toursud - Coach Hire in France.

  • The group was made up of 25 students from Ireland
  • They stayed four nights in Uzes
  • The trip lasted 5 days

Day 1

  • 9:15: landing of your flight at Marseille airport Terminal 2 (flight FR4285 from Dublin)
  • 10:00: meeting with the driver at the coach park
  • Transfer to Pont du Gard (stop for 2 hours)
  • Around 11:40: stop at Pont du Gard (2 hour stop)
  • 14:00: transfer to Uzes
  • 14:30: drop off in Uzes (Logis Hotel Uzes Pont du Gard: 2 bis Rue de l'Emeraude, 30700 Uzes)

Day 2

  • 13:30: pick up in Uzes (lycee Charles Gide) and transfer to Nimes
  • Around 14:30 : stop in Nimes (drop off next to the Arenes)
  • The coach is not used in Nimes
  • 16:45 : pick up at the same place (next to the Arenes) and return to Uzes
  • 17:45 : Drop off in Uzes (hotel or Lycee)

Day 3

  • 13:00 : departure from Uzes (Lycee Charles Gide)
  • 14.35: stop at Grotte de la Salamandre (Chemin de la Place du Roy, 30430 Mejannes-le-Clap)
  • 17:00: return to Uzes
  • 17:45: drop off in Uzes (hotel)

Day 4

  • 12.30: transfer from Uzes (pick up Lycee Charles Gide) to Avignon (drop off at the coach park Boulevard du Rhone)
  • Stand by
  • No later than 17.30: departure from Avignon (pick up at the same location) and return to Uzes (drop off at the hotel)

Day 5

  • 6am: transfer from Uzes (hotel) to Carcassonne medieval city
  • Stop at the medieval city of Carcassonne
  • 10:30: transfer to the airport of Carcassonne
  • Around 11:00: drop off at Carcassonne airport (flight FR1985 at 13:10 to Dublin)